Treatment of Rosacea - issues with Mirvaso

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Treatment of Rosacea - issues with Mirvaso

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Had a quick search through the forum and saw a few helpful comments about Rosacea, but I wanted to also seek advise specifically for my current situation and find out if anyone else has experienced similar.I'm male, late 20s, and have always tried to take care of my skin, probably more than most I'd say. Always had reasonable skin, the odd spots or dryness etc but nothing major. Then a couple of years ago I started occasionally getting redness on my nose. Itchy, sore and awful to look at - but I never had it diagnosed as Rosacea as I was always clear when I happened to go to the doc. That's the thing, it can sometimes not flare up for months and months, my skin can be perfect and then half a year down the line, from nowhere, it explodes in this awful redness.

Anyway, after trying loads of different creams and moisturisers and getting nowhere, with my GP not being enoguh help (to be fair I appreciate they aren't a skin specialist so can be limited in what they can do) I paid a lot of money to see a dermatologist privately. I brought photos as I didn't have a flare up at the time and he quickly diagnosed it as Rosacea and prescribed Mirvaso - which I'd never heard of.

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